Ongoing and Upcoming Events

KVCTU Michigan Youth Trout Camp

CCCTU will sponsor up to two youths between the ages of 12 and 16 to attend camp. The scholarship includes the $350 registration fee and $200 in travel expenses. Contact Bill Leder at for more information about the scholarship and visit KVCTU Michigan Youth Trout Camp for more details.

Huron River Assessment

Twenty-Four stations have been established within the Huron River Watershed to assess the current status of the watersheds quality. Contact Shawn Hagan at for more details.

Summer Work Bees

Habitat improvement projects (dates, times and locations will be updated as they come available). Our goal is to have workbee activities planned for every other Thursday evening during the summer. See home page for latest updates. Contact John Ollila at (906) 482-5345 for more details (photos).

Past Events

Huron Creek Clean-Up (MTU Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists)

The MTU Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists sponsored a litter clean-up day along Huron Creek on Saturday, April 26th. While it was opening day of Trout Season it felt more like opening day of Deer Season. Three CCCTU members with the assistance of three youngsters logged 5 volunteer hours on the creek gathering litter along its bed and banks. It was interesting to note how the litter changed as cleanup progressed downstream from one retail outlet to the next.

Beginner Fly Fishing Day

Beginner Fly Fishing Day was held on Saturday May 10 from 1-4 pm at the East Houghton Waterfront Park. Twenty folks in ages from 6 65 turned out for the event on this pleasant spring afternoon. Vice President, Jeremy Shannon did a great job of demonstrating the basics to fly casting and fly tying along with covering the basics in fly fishing equipment and rigging up. Don Kreher assisted with some fly tying and Bill Leder, Jim Juntilla, Jim Baker and Shawn Hagan were on hand to assist and talk to our guests (photos).