"Trout are Made of Trees"

Click for full articleMembers of CCCTU are visiting each of the Copper Country area elementary schools to read "Trout are Made of Trees" to the first grade class. Afterwards, the book is donated to the school library. (Letter to school)

KBIC Brook Trout Fin Clipping

Members of CCCTU assisted the KBIC Fish Hatchery in Pequaming to clip fins on over 20,000 young brook trout (photos).

Huron River Watershed Assessment

Partnering with Lake Superior Huron River Restoration, Inc. chapter members will adopt monitoring stations and assist with habitat improvement projects (photos).

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CCCTU members took part in MICorp
macro-invertibrate study on May 30, 2009

Pilgrim River

2007: Removed beaver dams, rerouted river back to original channel, stabilized banks, created critical spawning habitat and planted trees. Invested $7000 and more 350 volunteer hours in major summerlong habitat improvement/erosion control project. Produced a 15-minute documentary video illustrating our efforts and constructed a site sign commemorating participating organizations.

2008: Logs taken out of the river by spring high water where placed back into the river. Several cedar, hemlock and white pine trees were planted along the banks. Some trimming of brush took place to encourage tree growth and improving casting points. Thirteen rock crib dams were rebuilt, with three on Gerald Serbinski's property, six on Charlie Little's property and four on John Ollila's property. Attendance varied from as few as two per work bee to as many as ten volunteers. The two hour sessions where held every other Thursday evening from Memorial Day to the 3rd of October. Over 175 volunteer hours were logged enhancing the stream habitat and enjoying each others company. We all look forward to see how our handy work holds up to spring run-off in 2009 (photos).

Gratiot River

Increase pool sizes with rock dams, reconfigure river, remove log jams, deepen channels, plant trees along banks, and assist Michigan DNR with stream-shocking surveys and stocking efforts. Obtained current and continued Embrace-A-Stream (EAS) grant funding of $16,000 to support PhD candidate and assist Michigan Technological University in Coaster Brook Trout research project. Members contributed more than 150 hours to help conduct fish populations and stream habitat surveys for future fish placement (photos).

Gratiot, Tobacco, and Otter Rivers

Placed and maintained trash barrels at boat landings and popular fishing locations.

Scales Creek

Removed beaver dams and completed riparian repair above and below Queen Anne Falls, restoring healthy stream flow and enhancing brook trout habitat.

Lost Lake

Partnered with MDNR in scouting a route into this remote Keweenaw County Lake, completed a water quality survey and assisted with several plants brook trout. Championed trophy regulations for the lake which is now producing trout in the 18 inch range.

Lake Manganese

Partnered with MDNR in live-trap, manual removal of non-gamefish species after ice-out to jumpstart jumbo perch fishery and enhance forage base for splake and salmon in the Copper Harbor area.

Jumbo River

Teamed up with Ottawa National Forest, and a host of other organizations to rip-rap stream banks, restore riffles and excavate sand traps to improve brook trout spawning habitat on Shane Creek and Slate Creek tributaries of the Jumbo River.

Garden City Pond

Planned rehabilitation of formerly popular fishing pond by excavating sediment to deepen the pond; improve existing dam walkway and build a handicapped accessible boardwalk and fishing pier to be used for introducing local youth and handicapped anglers to fly fishing for trout.